30 Min Daily Instagram Routine to Increase Your Followers Massively

Daily Instagram routine for anyone that’s looking for ideas on how to grow.

Disclaimer: this doesn’t include any automations, and won’t get you 10k followers over night, be patient.

First up, this part is optional, but it just makes posting easier. I like to have at least 100 photos ready to post before creating an account, so I know I can post everyday for 100 days without needing to worry about my content.

Now this is what I do each day for roughly 30 minutes (sometimes I do more if I get the chance):

  1. Find a post that is relevant to your niche and has a lot of likes and comments. You can find them on your explore page or through hash tags relevant to your business. I like to find ones with 100+ comments.

  2. Like & comment something genuine, not a 🔥. For example, If it’s a fashion picture, you could comment “that denim jacket looks really nice, it goes well with the outfit”. Bots stick out like dogs balls, so this will make you look a lot more genuine.

  3. Go through the most recent comments and find 5 profiles that look legit and then go and like 3 of their pictures and comment on one. Repeat this for 5 more relevant posts, so you will total 30 comments.

  4. Like 4 comments , on every photo you comment on.

  5. Like all of the replies.

  6. Go through explore and/or relevant hash tags and liking 50-100 photos. I usually just click on a relevant post in explore and then scroll through and like heaps of photos.

Doing all of this would mean you’ve done the following (excuse my math, I’ve done it off the top of my head because I can’t be bothered using a calc):

  • commenting on 36 photos. 6 relevant posts you’ve found, then 30 profiles you’ve found via the comments.

  • liked 144 comments.

  • liked 146 – 196 photos.

Total number of people interacted with: 326 – 376.

A lot of those people will end up visiting your profile, and if you’ve got great content on your account, you’ve got a good chance of getting a like/comment/follow. Having good content is key here.

Then I post once daily, and I always include a CTA in my description to help increase engagement.

I’ve never used automation tools before, but I’m going to assume that this method won’t be anywhere near as fast as automating. But it is organic growth and you’ll get much higher quality followers, not bots.


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